About the Center

 The Center of Nonverbal Communication (CNVC) is a specialized educational center focused on one of humans’ most powerful forms of communication. Having the ability to recognize and interpret nonverbal cues with others is a proven technique to experience more success in business and everyday life.

The CNVC staff can teach you how to use nonverbal communication to gain an advantage in different scenarios — job interviews, business presentations, sales meetings, new relationships and more. Plus, nonverbal communication can benefit you regardless of which profession you’re in, including human resources, employee relations, law enforcement and athletics.

Without science and research, the fundamentals and benefits of nonverbal communication would never be fully understood. CNVC maintains valuable relationships with experts in these fields so we’re always on top of the latest trends and techniques. Staying in the know allows us to help our clients use nonverbal communication in professional and personal settings.


Sure, we know words are important when it comes to human interaction—but did you know how powerful nonverbal communication can be? Research has shown that nonverbal cues can account for as much as 93% of communication from one person to another (Dr. Albert Mehrabian of UCLA, industry expert.)

This knowledge is what inspires the CNVC staff — we’re eager to find out just how effective nonverbal communication is and how it can help humans in all aspects of life. Self-esteem, confidence, awareness of others’ feelings—these are all aided by nonverbal communication. Getting to the core of this phenomenon is what fuels us every day.