Law Enforcement and Security

Security and Law Enforcement

Learn statement analysis, domain awareness, anomalous behavior detection, and detect potentially suspicious behavior that may indicate possible hostile intent.

Security and Law Enforcement is a field that grows more complex each day. Maintaining safe and secure environment for customers and employees by patrolling and monitoring premises and personnel takes many skills and tools. The Center of Nonverbal Communication founder, Carl Maccario has 15 years in security and behavior detection. Carl has conducted behavior recognition seminars for over 60,000 law enforcement professionals and dozens of industry leaders.

Center of Nonverbal Communication and its associates have over 40 years combined screening experience including X-ray, hand held and walk-through metal detection.

At Center of Nonverbal Communication we teach a risk-based, intelligence-driven layered approach to security. Our focus:

  • Behavior Recognition Training for Law Enforcement
  • Domain awareness training
  • Critical Infrastructure Observation Protection Training
  • Domestic Terrorism Awareness
  • Interview and Deception Training
  • Reading Nonverbal Behavior
  • Tactics for detecting deception in verbal statements and nonverbal behavior

Our clients are trained in nonverbal communication through real-world video, role play and classroom instruction. We offer small- and large-group settings as well as one-on-one. From students to researchers, to reading nonverbal behavior in forensic settings or the business world we have the experience you need.