Our Approach

What We Do

CNVC not only teaches you how to recognize and interpret nonverbal signals given by people around you, but also shows you how your own signals are received by others. By working closely with our staff, you’ll learn how to evaluate human emotion, a valuable skill in any social or professional setting. Is someone being genuine or deceptive? Are someone’s actions not consistent with their words? Is your body language giving off the wrong impression? You’ll know by learning the latest techniques at CNVC.

How We Do It

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Our clients are trained in nonverbal communication through real-world video, role play and classroom instruction. We offer small- and large-group settings as well as one-on-one. From students to researchers, to reading nonverbal behavior in forensic settings or the business world we have the experience you need.

Industries We Work With

There is no limit to those who can benefit from training with The Center of Nonverbal Communication. Just some of the industries and professionals we’ve worked with are: