Pay Attention and listen with your eyes

The most recent  attacks in Paris and the innocent people who were killed , prompted warnings from around  the world for the public to be more vigilant. In our world of  texting, Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, I pods etc. its a daunting task just to get people to actually have a conversation and / or look at someone, never mind being aware of their surroundings .We are so absorbed in out techno world that we barely are present in the here and now!

It’s a new world we live in and  that world requires each and everyone of us to be more aware than ever.  Paying attention to what is going on at work , at school, at public places, even our neighborhoods, could help detect and deter the next attack. In the world of SEE SOMETHING ,SAY SOMETHING, folks need to  look for behavior and activities that may be out of the ordinary, anomalous and potentially suspicious. We can no longer dismiss something as “nothing’ “weird’ or “odd”. Educating the public and getting people to “pay attention” is unfortunately going to be the order of the day for the foreseeable future. Which may bring many of us to actually have to pull their ear buds out, put their phone down, and be “present” in the  here and now. Who knows , that could actually produce some live encounters where people actually look at each other and have a conversation. Imagine that!


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