Reflections on Istanbul Airport Attacks

With the latest attack in Turkey, I feel even stronger that the security perimeters at airports needs to be reexamined . I have always been a proponent of pushing security layers to parking  garages and vehicle checks before actually entering the airport proper. This attack is the second airport attack where the terrorists came by taxi. Where is the vehicle checks on taxis? I remember when I was in Israel back in 2010, heading to Ben Gurion airport and my taxi was stopped by Israeli security at least a half mile out from the airport where I was asked a few brief questions. Unfortunately,  this is the world we live in. There also needs to be more trained observers in these areas to look for suspicious behavior. More trained eyes and more scrutiny will certainly harden targets as much as they can be. You can’t protect against everything but you certainly can take steps to make it more difficult to kill innocent people .

– Carl Maccario


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