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CVNC Presents at West Virginia University Forensic Science Academy

wvu_forensicThe Department of Forensic and Investigative Science at West Virginia University is recognized as a top program nationally for the high-quality education it delivers to students, preparing them to be forensic professionals. With research-active faculty, a student-centric philosophy, a contemporary curriculum, world-class equipment, and superior facilities, students in Forensic and Investigative Science receive a unique scientific and hands-on learning experience.

Carl Maccario, president of The Center of Nonverbal Communication presented a course on Behavior Recognition for Law Enforcement.

The course instructed law enforcement officers on how to recognize, decipher and decode nonverbal behavior indicators that may be associated with criminal or hostile intent. Officers learned interview methods, both field and static, to detect deception and to confirm or dispel these indicators as they relate to criminal or terrorist activity.