Teams turn to a Face Reader, Looking for That Winning Smile

The New York Times , on December 26, 2014 published an article about the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks using micro expressions, a form of nonverbal communication, to help find players and recruits that may be a better fit for the Bucs and their organizational goals. Micro expressions are sub conscious, cross cultural, expressions  of emotion that come across the face very quickly. The existence of micro expressions were first brought to light by the research of Paul Ekman and Wally Freisen. There have been well over 100 studies that show the existence of micro expressions. This form of nonverbal communication can be extremely valuable in gaining insight into a persons true feelings. Does one’s facial expressions contradict their words? Is there more to be told than the person is revealing?  The applications are endless. However, keep in mind that micro expressions are  only a piece of the nonverbal picture . Nonverbal communication is like putting a picture puzzle together; the more pieces of the puzzle you can put together, the clearer the picture becomes. Just one more example of the value of understanding nonverbal communication! and oh yes…….. , we can teach you how to recognize these micro expressions!


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